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Bondi Vet Bandana

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Join the Bondi Vet Gang with one of our signature Bondi Vet Bandanas. 


Blah description why we are cool etc


Size Guide

We have created a size guide based on weight and breed to help you choose the correct size for your dog. There is not much between the sizes, so if in doubt, go up one and use a double knot. 

Size Weight  Breed
Up to 5kgs Teacup & Toy breeds, Small Puppies
S 5-10kgs Cavoodle, Frenchie, Cavalier
M 10-20kgs Beagle, Staffy, Spaniel
L 20-30kgs Border Collie, Kelpie, Aussie Shephed, Husky
XL 30kgs and beyond Golden Retriever, Large Labrador, Groodle, Bull Arab, Great Dane


Note: if you need help choosing, please get in touch by emailing with the details of your dog and we will pick the best size for you. 

Schnitzel is a Kelpie cross and wears a size M.